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Founded in 2001, ISI is an award-winning English language school, recognised by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (ACELS) for English language teaching. ISI is also a member of the quality school association MEI and participates in the MEI Learner Protection Scheme.



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 What our students say… 

“The school gave me a lot of experience, friends. It isn’t just about English but about different cultures.
I’m really glad that I was here.”Tana Krutilkova, Czech Republic
“I would recommend ISI to anyone who wants to feel comfortable reading, writing and speaking English.
I enjoy the class discussions that are good practise and the teachers make it fun.”Felipe Mappa Rocha, Brazil
“Dublin is a really fun place to live; I really enjoyed. The staff in the school were really friendly and my teachers were very good.
I would recommend ISI to my friends and would love to come back to Ireland again!”Pauline Dupont, Belgium

Accreditations and Memberships

At ISI you can be sure that your course of study is fully accredited by internationally-recognised professional bodies. English language programmes for adults and teenagers are recognised by Quality and Qualifications Ireland for English language teaching (QQI, formerly NQAI and ACELS). We are also an approved preparatory centre for the Cambridge examinations suite and for TIE (Test of Interactive English). Our Professional Diplomas are accredited by Edexcel (Pearson’s Education Group) one of the most prestigious UK awarding bodies. ISI is a member of MEI, ALTO and ICOS.